Help Others Succeed

I’ve had all these brainstorms about today’s blog. Fitness, life, my children…all sorts of fun stuff. As soon as I start the process a short sweet memory jumps into my head. It’s been there for a full day.  So, with all due respect to my previous ideas, I’ll get to you later because this is important.

I have a love for weight lifting. I’m currently suffering with an injury, but like a sailor on shore, I’m missing a huge part of my life. Following my love for fitness I have found I love sharing within my Hereditary Neuropathy communities. I share my ideas and opinions on things I’ve tried and I find such peace when someone responds with how it has helped them. I’ve decided to really feed my locomotive and keep up my momentum. I recently reached out to companies who offer exercise equipment that I feel will directly help people with the same struggles I have.

They responded.

You can’t imagine the excitement I have knowing I have support for my project of building a bridge between fitness and Muscular Dystrophy/Neuropathy. This opportunity will make my access to equipment and tools endless. So many people are on fixed budgets or lack the knowledge to go alone. They don’t have the ability to try everything. They also find comfort in the opinions of us that share their struggle. I’ve found my key to open this new adventure!

I took my sweetheart out to the movies last night. We struggle to get away and when we do, I cherish our time. We’re full-time parents. We’re a team. We’re also a couple and that seems to take a back seat sometimes. The little time we get for us is priceless.

On our way home an email came through from one of the largest fitness companies in the country. They want to join my project. They chose me.

I shared this good news with Carrie. She reached over and held my forearm, “I’m so proud of you.”

Those five words sank into my heart and have been there ever since. They’ve pushed out every great idea I’ve had for the last 24 hours. Her words have ignited a machine. I’ve made her proud. I know I always have but hearing it just fuels my momentum.

We all want to succeed. We all want to accomplish and conquer. She’s in the middle of her own journey. She’s so busy but she still took a moment out of her day to make mine.

On your journey, I wish all of you the best of luck. I want you to succeed at your dreams and goals. We all have loved ones. They have dreams too. They’re working towards whatever they want in life, just like the rest of us. Take a half second out of your busy day and tell them how proud you are.

Tell your spouse. Tell your children. Your parents, your friends. Just take a moment and ignite their drive and show your love and support. You’ll never miss that half second of your day.



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